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62030a95 No.2019[Reply]

Renowned Ornithologist Always Secretly Wanted To Be A Bird

ITHACA, NY—Though he now enjoys a successful career as one of the nation’s foremost bird experts, distinguished ornithologist Timothy Washburn admitted to reporters Tuesday that when he was young, his dream was to actually become a bird himself. “When I was first starting out, the idea of being the guy who studied birds was the farthest thing from my mind,” said the longtime Cornell University professor, who went on to explain that it was a “fairly difficult” time in his life when he ultimately realized being a bird just wasn’t in the cards. “It was hard letting go of that dream, but really, this is the next best thing—I get to hang around with birds all day. Of course, a part of me will always wonder what it’s like to be the one who’s out there actually flying around, building nests, and migrating south for the winter.” While stressing his commitment to ornithology, Washburn acknowledged that from time to time he does catch himself eating a few earthworms and “thinking about what might have been.”


d5d6e41b No.2022

Oh my gah!

0477b7e6 No.2023

Who deleted the rant?

30ef82d9 No.5815


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ed8bf220 No.1700[Reply]

It looks as though Bandai are releasing a set of Azumanga gashapon rubber keychains soon!


Never thought I'd see the day that AzuDai would get some brand new merch. Also let's make this a general merchandise thread, since we don't have one already.
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ed8bf220 No.1761

File: 1500742742521.jpg (3.38 MB, 3840x2160)

Oh hey, look what arrived today.

0107e5c0 No.1904

Speaking of Azu merch, Geibuchan has a poster I never seen before of the gang with flags and a track lap. Is there a digital version of this anywhere?

28c158bc No.2024


What exactly are they selling here? A digital doujin?

d906646a No.2025

>>2024 it appears to be a doujin game for pc.
Or rather, doujin minigames, judging from the back of the box.

7dd15973 No.5813


File: 1508746753228.jpg (376.96 KB, 734x1236)

80a96e11 No.2026[Reply]

Although this mundane, natural, charming, childish conversation is what I expect from Yotsubato! and one of the reasons why I love it so much, I've also come to expect that often when Yotsuba doesn't quite understand the conversation she's having that's a setup for a future payoff. I fully expect Yotsuba to find a mouse, remember how Ena wanted a hamster, and give it to her with a big smile. Ena would like it, because she's cool like that, but Fuuka and Asagi would freak out. That chapter writes itself.

Also, 1980 yen is about 20 bucks, right? Poor girl, it's hard to be 9. When you're a kid, that's a lot of money. I had a hamster and just kept it in a modified bucket. Isn't Ena into recycling?
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8b04d113 No.2033

When Danbo dies. 69 I think.

da8a42f9 No.2034

I see, thanks!

1c868a5c No.2036

File: 1509049702801.jpg (86.08 KB, 697x249)

I distinctly remember when you translated the chapter, in the comment you posted next to that page you said something like "I remember now that 20 dollars is a lot of money for a kid", and now you comment about that again. Of course children (and child-like people, like my mildly retarded girlfriend) don't have a good understanding of money, but I can tell you were deeply impacted by the moment you understood the value of money.
Happened to me too, when I came to understand how money works, because my dad explained it to me, I felt super sad. I understood, and right then I realised I was abandoning a part my childhood. Every single time I learned something that brought me closer to maturity I felt sad, so I remember every instance of that happening.

7819222d No.2038

You sure you're dating a retard? Not an actual child?
You can tell us.

1ac939c1 No.5811

>mundane, natural, charming, childish
Use another adjective.

File: 1501391809189.jpg (258.97 KB, 969x1400)

57954db0 No.1781[Reply]

Dengeki Daioh 2017 08-09
ばらスィー] 苺ましまろ 休載のお知らせ
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5c595971 No.2051

I agree with you totally about the "cultural appropriation". I grew up behind the Iron Curtain in the '70s and the Communists were very well aware of the devastating negative influence Western "Culture" had so they kept most of it from reaching us. And now I totally agree with them, Western culture isn't a "culture" at all, it's a mind numbing BS designed to alienate people and make them idiots. I am glad they refused access to most of it.

060a9f70 No.2052

Will we get to see another book after this one?

82f3b80c No.2053

I can't say for sure, but the odds seem pretty good he'll keep going.

c05344af No.2069

ana is english tho (or british, i never know what those people call themselves)

b3c5f2c7 No.5807

Ralen, save us!

File: 1507402141285.jpg (390.2 KB, 969x1400)

c6f9fde1 No.1975[Reply]

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3084c879 No.2006

So this is the first chapter of Volume 15, right?

c6f9fde1 No.2008

Despite having a new chapter number, the title indicates it's the second half of the previous chapter. So maybe it'll be the last chapter in volume 14?

I'm so behind, I didn't even realize volume 13 was out in English…

4294dee0 No.2092


She does look like him and his mother, so it makes sense. That he had a cute sister, that is.

014b0447 No.2093

Well, all the girls are cute, it's just Azuma's style.
She's the least cutest though imo. Ena's mom looks cuter than her.
Maybe it's the angles she's shown in the panel but it looks like her face is sticking out, like her skull is trying to exit her body through the mouth.

c15e258b No.5805

Up, damn it!

File: 1513274924476.png (391.83 KB, 717x619)

3ef68f80 No.2094[Reply]

With all the Hollywood anime adaptations, maybe this is just what we need; Azumanga except the main characters all have superpowers and try to fight off depression.
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2e398085 No.2099

Like that show where the girls turn into cars?

6055ef0e No.2100

File: 1513544696975.png (737.81 KB, 1283x677)

I thought you were bullshitting or something along the lines of Strike Witches but this is much worse than what I could imagine

2e398085 No.2101

I tried to post a gif of that transformation sequence, but it was too big.

8ce0ff7d No.2107

File: 1514126114037.jpg (68.41 KB, 800x450)

I think I've liked one Michael Bay thing in the past, but I don't remember what it was. May have been the meatloaf video about what he would do for love. Most things he has made have given me some form of infection right in the dick.
What's Runaways about?
>Azumanga except the main characters all have superpowers
The title "Runaways" already made me think of Misfits, which is a kinda-not-so-bad, some times pretty good show I used to watch 'cause my fiancée liked it. I may check it out.
Last year I saw a girl with one of them Dad hats in the subway, and I was about to take a pic of her for this board to enjoy, but then I thought it would be sort of creepy to take pics of random girls. Also, it's illegal to take any sort of pic or record video in the subway in my country.
So you'll just have to imagine her. It may be better that way, 'cause now you can imagine her better than she was, or nakeder.

17d8ac0d No.5801

Up, also.

File: 1493153500696.jpg (89.19 KB, 761x350)

db6f61a9 No.1581[Reply]

ITT: plot development in Yotsuba
>Koiwai gets a girlfriend and she comes to live with him, Yotsuba gets really jealous
>Yotsuba starts going to school, she's terribly scared at the beginning, evolving to being shy, her polar opposite of what she usually is at home or in the street
>Yotsuba has a minor injury/illness that makes her stay in the hospital a few days, Jumbo brings her presents every day

32d43dc3 No.1582

I like the last bit. The other two would be X-Treme shark-jumping.
Koiwai's real and only GF is Fuuka.

62b6c241 No.1583

The comic’s going to end on Yotsuba’s first day of school. The last panel will be a full page with her looking over her shoulder, backpack hoisted, waving goodbye to Koiwai, smiling and eyes closed.

2b596150 No.2106

… are we both looking at the same manga?

e5d547d2 No.2109

File: 1514128406551.jpg (30.82 KB, 460x315)

You're thinking about IM.
By which I mean Iron Maiden, not Ichigo Mashimaro. I don't think Barusai shoots up marijuanas.

I said the exact same thing once. Funny.
I guess it's not an ending that's hard to imagine. Probably gonna happen exactly like that.

>Koiwai's real and only GF is Fuuka
I wish Koiwai got a fuckin' clue at some point, though. All this not-fucking is frustrating me. I have gotten laid dozens of times and I'm not as handsome as him, nor am I a world famous translator.
Translators get all the pussy.

1342192a No.5796

>Koiwai gets a girlfriend
He already has Jumbo, but UP YOU GO!

File: 1514128741394.jpg (102.56 KB, 720x480)

50e5d271 No.2110[Reply]

Merry Times, y'all!

Any New Year's resolutions? I already managed to quit smoking last month, so I have no improvement to make.

73870df3 No.2112

Well, I came to turns with my bisexuality this year so I'm going to make it an effort to court studly twinkies in 2018 - although I doubt it will help me officially loose my virginity.
Here's to 2019!

Oh, and I'm using WaniKani to learn kanji so if Ralen falls off the wagon pretty hard hopefully I can step up.

50e5d271 No.2114

File: 1514157788102.jpg (42.03 KB, 353x262)

>I came to turns with my bisexuality
Good for you! No sense living as something you're not, right?
I think we have an actual homophobe in the board, or maybe he was troll, but you may wanna ignore him in any case. Just an asshole.
I'm probably the most conservative person here and I still got chills from the hateful things I saw him say in at least two different threads.
>an effort to court studly twinkies
You've been bisexual for less than a year and I already can't follow your conversation.

110ef5fd No.5794

Lol, up.

File: 1512183472453.jpg (155.67 KB, 1062x1504)

61ff345d No.2070[Reply]

new Salt Peanuts (niea] - Girls keep Swinging

15e48cf7 No.2071

There's something very wrong with her proportions.

ed101af4 No.2118

File: 1514198085089.png (423.3 KB, 658x586)

thats not her hand

←check this out if you want to see real fugly proportions

13a772de No.5792

Even this lewd one deserves going up.

File: 1516330916272.jpg (75.24 KB, 648x486)

d5fd044c No.2146[Reply]

Youbwould think after hitting a 10 year mark this would have some kind of sound off for those nostogia bucks.

This was the first anime DVD set I ever owned. It was a stays symbol of the unknown when anime and dvds were still a rare thing part of an unspoken culture knowing to exist only on the fringes of society.

4chan validated that.

09e65ea9 No.5791

Azumanga girls (or "Azumangals", as they're also known. Well, not really) are cute.

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