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I also saw from Yasuhara's twitter that they made Yotsuba stickers for Line.

d7ae1fe8 No.2325

That's neat. No, I hadn't heard anything about that. Azuma doesn't seem to tweet anymore these days.

Too bad I'm not still in Japan.

d7ae1fe8 No.2326

Oh wait, Azuma did tweet about this a couple of weeks ago. He hadn't tweeted since last April (2017) so I'd stopped checking as often.

43403f67 No.2399


Can't blame him - cuteness is cuteness.

Also, it's nice to see how much extra detail you can get from the originals versus what goes into a smaller tankubon.

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Yotsuba&! 14 Cover !
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(Same guy that uploaded): Thanks! Ralen, it should be noted that this volume (volume 14, chapters 91-97) includes all the chapters released thus far and since the last volume. The next magazine chapter may have a numerical change to #98 and if not, it will surely in the tankouban. First time I think this has ever happened with Yotsubato!

5a85d716 No.2350

Thanks Ralen, you're the best.
Thanks you too for making us aware of the extra content. You're also the best somehow.

e065bc27 No.2351

Ohoho it's amazing how well this teeny bit of extra content helps.

Yotsuba's solo hiccup was a thing I didn't know I needed, it's just so spontaneous!

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That's the shit, man, keep it up 👍👍👍

9d209741 No.2341

haha this would be perfect for one of those azu doujin games

59c2c2bf No.2342

File: 1525912483422.png (1.53 KB, 96x120)

Haha yes indeedy!
It's amazing how well this turned out since I mostly just threw together her general shape and studied how the original "I'M HIT" icon used greys for outlines.

59c2c2bf No.2343

File: 1525912852556.png (1.75 KB, 96x120)

>>2342 And there's the normal Yukari icon. I kind of traced over her payday dance from the manga.
Y'know in Japan they went and made a set of blindbox pins out of Kirby's copy ability hud icons used in Super Star and Adventure. I own Super Star's Ice Kirby pin myself.

I wonder how easy it'd be to make pins of these?

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So I was playing with my cat today and caught a case of Sakakihand.

Has anyone else gotten/currently have this disease?
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I always attributed the appearance of the two fingers looking wrapped together as just lazy animation.

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File: 1524799759062.jpg (76.31 KB, 640x480)

>just lazy animation
It's probably not that because it's like that in the manga, too.

However, in canon:
- Sakaki dislikes doctor offices
- Sakaki is very neat
- But she's bad at art. Even Osaka made better plushy-plushes

Therefore, headcanon: Sakaki neatly wrapped her own hand, in order to avoid going to the doctor. She did it neatly, but messed it up because she's bad at art. There, that's why she has two fingers wrapped together.

a6c58804 No.2316

File: 1525307295245.jpg (125.37 KB, 600x800)

Oh my gah! That hurt!

Also included: Sawa's earring from Kite, the Los Illuminados icon from RE4, and the Berserk brand.

7a6839da No.2317

Hey, came out really nice! Congrats!

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Hey guys,

I was wondering whether any of you saved a pic from wakachan of Tomo concept art of this pose? The one with a 3/4 view and back view perspective?

IIRC it was in a thread that started with OP saying he wasn't sure at first if Tomo was a boy.
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File: 1523626363007.png (10.75 KB, 474x190)

Ugh, I don't get how that pic just disappeared. Wtsf

I searched using both English and Japanese terms. Her name(s), Azuma's name, douga, sketch. Even set a time slot before September 2011 (when the anon posted it)

The original post made it look like it came from Azuma's Twitter or sth… wth

Does Azuma have an official website or blog?

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File: 1523821497463.jpg (119.62 KB, 599x964)

I got you

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File: 1523821693025.png (690.19 KB, 614x962)

also lookit this from the same book i love them so much i want them to date in college

562e7b5a No.2304

Very nice. Do you have any idea where to find this book nowadays?

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Is this our go-to tofu?
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d22fa6a2 No.2277

Don't change the subject, you "extra-firm sort of man" you. Explain that lewdness.

And yes, 8 years ago. I requested a ban because I felt like I needed to reduce the geekness. Now I'm married, recently married, and I'll be a father, so it worked for me.

d2b24f43 No.2280


I assume.

I hope you realized you can be a geek and also a boyfriend/husband/father.

d22fa6a2 No.2281

Thanks man, it's the best thing I've done. Not easy, though. Gonna get harder with the kid, too.
But totally worth it.
>you can be a geek and also a boyfriend/husband/father
Yeah, I know that but back then I was in a weird place. I was in a long relationship that was becoming tortuous, she was too controlling and I was becoming a bit of an asshole. She nagged me about being a geek (although she was too) and so when I turned 30 I said "fuck it, I need to live the second half of my life as a normie: no more games, no more cool-ass manga, no more things that she nags me about, but also no more of her. That'll show her! I'll show her how much of a normie I am and also I'll break it up"
And I did, and it didn't work because she wasn't impressed, she took the breakup well because she was tired too, and I managed to reduce the powerlevels for like a year. So that's why I requested a ban back then, it was merely part of a bigger plan to change completely.
Now I've come to see, happily, that instead of changing your true nature you need to find someone who accepts it.
Never stopped reading your translations of Yotsubato, of course.

And you've been okay? Been splendidly? All's cool in Casa de Ralen?

d2b24f43 No.2301

Phew, busy week last week. Didn't mean to leave you hanging.

Yes, everything's going pretty well in the Ralenation. I've had a few paying translation jobs with MangaGamer (working on a new one with them right now as a matter of fact).
Got a nice day job that pays the bills and gives me the flexibility to do translation in my spare time. And my s/o of about 3 years just moved in last summer. No kids in the foreseeable future, though.

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Amazon Japan has revealed a special pre-order bonus for both the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit.

Both kits come with a special cardboard of Danbo called Danboard and original masking tape (not pictured). You can now use Danbo alongside your Nintendo Labo creations!

International pre-orders with the Danboard and original masking tape are still available for the Variety Kit and Robot Kit, scheduled to ship April 20, 2018.

57c2d083 No.2279

File: 1523647211605.jpg (432.82 KB, 953x1427)

I knew it! The second they announced the Labo kits I knew it!
It makes sense and everyone and their dog made the connection because it's super obvious, but I knew it. Yeah, it'd be foolish not to make a Danbo kit for the Labo thing.
If I win big cash bags in the lottery I'll get me a Labo kit. Not that it is too epensive, but only by winning the lottery I'll be able to have the free time I'd need to sit and play with it.

Hey, since Danbo is naked, does that mean this manga has been secretly lewd for years?

9dfeac27 No.5849

Up goes the thread. Sorry for the double post (over 4 years later still counts as DP).

>since Danbo is naked, does that mean this manga has been secretly lewd for years?

The fuck was I talking about?

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c5040dd8 No.1590[Reply]

Chapter 95: Yotsuba & Tokyo (Part 2)

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish it in one day, but this was a really short chapter.
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8bb4eaac No.1722

c5040dd8 No.1723

I just report what's in the margin. The filthy, lying margin.

def2fcbc No.1725

The edict I issued last month in >>1676 was in force only for that month.

9e0d8976 No.1727

Maybe it didn't work because your heart isn't pure enough.

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f1f48885 No.1755[Reply]

Why is Yotsuba half of the time speaking of herself in 3rd person? Is she like tht in the original dialogues in japanese?
Is it to amke her "quirkier"?

7c8ad38d No.1757

Personal pronouns are much more varied in Japanese (and pronouns in general are used far less often than in English) so most children grow up referring to themselves by their name (i.e. in the third person). It doesn't have the same weird quirkiness there that it does here, and some adults (almost always women) speak this way too as a way to seem more childish/feminine.

In my opinion, the translation makes her seem quirkier than she is by retaining these.

f1f48885 No.1758

That was really clarifying. Thanks.

47785a50 No.5834

88 up

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The reCAPTCHA verification used by vichan is no longer functional, so it has been disabled. vichan currently uses a deprecated version of the API, and the more common reCAPTCHA V2, which uses a check box for verification, has not been implemented. As of 17 June 2017, requests to it no longer complete, preventing any posts and replies from being submitted.

The reCAPTCHA was very effective in preventing spam from being posted, so its removal may result in increased spam. Please be vigilant in reporting spam as I await a response from the developer on the possibility of updating the reCAPTCHA implementation to the current version.

9956a970 No.1774

vichan has updated its reCAPTCHA functionality to use the current version 2. It has been re-enabled.

If you experience any issues with it, please contact me directly with the contact links at the bottom of the page.

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