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e93eb2c5 No.3988[Reply]

I mentioned once before about creating a Discord server as an alternate meeting place, or possibly a future replacement for this board if it ever goes away.

Is anyone actually interested in something like that? I figured it's better to go ahead and set something up sooner rather than later, so people will know where to find it if this board ever unexpectedly goes down.
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bcac6225 No.4200

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I thought people just didn't post here often because they're afraid of breaking the archive with too many posts. Honestly this place is more like a tidy fanclub so it wouldn't hurt to have an extra place to take the heat.

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2bb683c7 No.4226[Reply]

Ive been wondering /azu/; With the rise of 15.ai and other TTS projects, would it be possible to do something similar that would allow us to make chiyo swear? Would it even be something worth perusing?
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2019baed No.4234

File: 1613597213900.gif (869.95 KB, 483x483)

Im tempted to gather all the chiyo samples

de345ed8 No.4237

Ahaha, I'm laughing just thinking of this idea. TTS doesn't work properly across languages, so you'll have to make Chiyo swear in Japanese or use her English VA.

08f08663 No.4238

good meme

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4420c824 No.2736[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We're past due for a new Azuma tweets thread.
The last one stopped bumping, and I've fallen behind on translating Azuma's tweets since he went quiet for such a long time.
Previous thread at >>146

Here's this year's Wonder Festival art.
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17e5575b No.4209

Don't feel bad, man. If you need a break, take a break and enjoy it.

4ee15414 No.4210

4ee15414 No.4211

Take care & stay well.

315d03b0 No.4257

This is a bit late, but it looks like no IM or Yotsuba again this month.


c22f5382 No.4264

oh no

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39abcc32 No.4255[Reply]

jumbo's dad was arrested for dealing weed at the flower shop.
the shop hadn't been turning a profit for a while, so jumbo's dad tried his luck at gambling to make some money, but instead of getting lucky, he ended up in debt the yakuza with no way to pay it back. they made an offer he couldn't refuse: grow and sell weed at the flower shop to earn back what he owes or get his fingers chopped off. jumbo's dad had been running the marijuana grow for several years and was making his payments and was almost out of debt, but then the police found out…

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4c253ea8 No.4193

say drugs to osaka
say no to yes

277ef187 No.4229

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3877bf40 No.4262

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say osaka to yes

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9e695fd5 No.4244[Reply]


Volume 15 comes out tomorrow in Japan, after a two year wait!
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9318148d No.4246

Very good news! Thanks!

10fa9891 No.4248

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I need these for iMessage and Signal.

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9e695fd5 No.4252

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Exclusive bookmarks for a number of stores.

62e41da7 No.4261

File: 1614726299320.jpg (90.79 KB, 366x500)

the art is absolutely beautiful

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My woman

80db5c9a No.4254

Was Tomo always this popular?

faf02729 No.4256

/a/ threads in the last year or so made a meme of hating on her and just recently (last few months) a rebound antimeme of loving her the most has sprouted up in rebuttal. Hard to say how much of it is genuine but there does seem to be a lot of love going her way lately.

File: 1614121203812.png (142.18 KB, 361x533)

7f1e5df5 No.4241[Reply]

I first watched Azumanga Daioh when I was like, 13, ten years ago. I first heard of it because I was reading 4chan's FAQ and it mentioned Yotsuba, and I looked that up and found Azumanga too. I recognized some of the characters from 4chan so I watched it all, 360p english dub on youtube lol.

Anyway I havent watched much anime in a while so I decided to rewatch the anime and reread the manga. I've been googling around and finding about stuff I didn't know before, like the 10th anniversery bonus chapters, or the revised art in the manga. Sorry I don't have any new interesting pictures to contribute, I just wanted to make a thread and I'm happy that there's still people out there who like talking about it.

I relate to this pic of Osaka a lot. This is my attitude toward forgetting things. Also it's suripsingly lucid dialog from her. I love moments like that.

84879778 No.4243

File: 1614162857159.jpg (84.5 KB, 300x927)

Must have been nice, huh? Yo find out there are extra chapters, and that the whole thing got re-drawn, and the supplementary lessons. Azumanga is just too influential, so even if we don't see ever again something like that, it will live for ever anyway.

File: 1475963379846.jpg (140.47 KB, 708x1000)

2d3b3278 No.1047[Reply]

Please tell me someone else has seen this. It's not actually Azuma-related, but it reads like a Yotsubato fanfiction, and the anime, for what it's worth, is pretty high production.

The protagonist's personality is like Tomo, with a dash of Osaka. And she looks like Fuuka.

And, on top of that, the teacher looks like a long-haired Kimura.

It seems like someone is a fan of Azuma, huh?
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ee629a28 No.1158

Final chapter's been translated

8e7b8d15 No.1162

If you have the translation on hand, you may post it here. Preferably, post it as a linked archive, rather than individual images.

c4ea9fa2 No.1164

Manga Traders has 13 volumes of this actually.

a89ab6a8 No.4236

have there ever been any information that suggest that the ishiguro read yotsuba or azumanga daioh?

531ffbbb No.4240

a brief google search for interviews with him yield no results for azumanga or yotsuba. I wouldn't say he didn't read them or at least knows them, but I didn't find anything

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049b8202 No.4218[Reply]

is there somewhere i can read about the history of this place? i think i found it in one of those imageboard directories, or maybe i was looking for osaka pics. has it always been this slow? how old is this place? i must say it's pretty comfy, sad to see there's not much activity.

31e30836 No.4219

File: 1612575766442.jpg (39.24 KB, 500x330)

I wonder if there's any kind of recorded history of iichan/wakachan. Couldn't find anything with a cursory google search.

Just checked back some of my records, and the earliest references I have were from around 2006 and it was hosted on chiyochan.net. It's quite likely it was around before then, but I wasn't really involved in anything else on iichan so not sure when it stopped being associated.

I don't really have an order or timeline for these but I know it was hosted on chiyochan.net, koichan.net, server50734.uk2net.com, wakachan.org, and shimauu.net at least (I think the last one was around 2012).

Looking at >>1 it's been hosted here since December 2015, there may be more history in that thread.

b7efae62 No.4222

I think it was on koichan when I found it, around 2006 or so.

I don't remember the server50734.uk2net.com host.

2286555e No.4223

File: 1612660897676.png (275.13 KB, 750x600)

I think a board archive might have been used as the start, the first(?) post starts at 130003:

here's a post from you: http://web.archive.org/web/20080705195449/http://server50734.uk2net.com:80/azu/res/113128.html

Hard to believe it's been almost a decade and a half.
>has it always been this slow?
So ~4200 posts in 5 years on AXYPB is what, two posts per day?
Looking at the first and last posts on wakachan on archive.org, there's ~33,000 posts in ~5 years, or 15 posts/day or so. Pic related wasn't far from the truth some days.

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